Picture of owner, Amber Barrett sitting with hands clasped and smiling at the camera close up.


Have you ever walked through the front door and thought ugh… when am I going to find time to do all of this? Most of the women we talk to have, and that’s why I founded Arranged by Amber. We provide luxury organizing services in the tri-state area of Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania for busy boss babe, mompreneurs who are ready to reclaim their homes and their time.

Our organizing services are personalized for you. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing every detail has been considered and handled with care, and customized to the way you actually live. (Because aren’t you busy enough already?)

At Arranged by Amber:

We believe homes are for living, not for storing. That asking for help is a sign of courage, not defeat. There is no such thing as "too many labels". We believe the bigger the mess the better the transformation. ROYGBIV is cooler than alphabetizing. We believe in more than just clients but in relationships that last. If you no longer love or need it, someone else will. We believe in treating your home, and all that's inside of it, with love and respect- including the pets! Drawer organizers are a must. Two heads are better than one and sharing is better than comparing. Always inspiring, never judging. We believe women are superheros and deserve secret weapons in the form of organizers. We believe organizing counts as a work out.

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