Where to Donate Clothes - The Spring Switch Out

The sun, the heat, the vitamin D… the ALLERGIES! They are all back and I couldn’t be more happy…. besides the allergy part. No more cold, no more freezing when you get out of bed in the morning, and most importantly, it is staying light outside till almost 8:30 pm. I AM L O V I N G IT!

This year I’m running a little behind on my “Spring Switch Out”. You know what I’m talking about. Switching out those comfy sweaters, coats, and other warm clothing and bringing out all of the glorious, colorful spring attire. This can also include switching out seasonal toys for spring/summer ones, and outdoor furniture.

So that you can truly enjoy your spring and summer without having the “Switch Out” hanging over you, take the next few days and follow the steps below! BONUS: There is a list of donation resources available at the end of this blog for items you might purge.



A change in the temp means a change in your closet. Take all sweaters, hats, gloves, thick scarves, fleece lined leggings, and winter coats out of your closet. Before storing these items go through each piece and remove any that don’t fit, you don’t love, have lost it’s shape, or that you didn’t wear at all in the winter. Don’t forget to also edit your winter shoes. Now that all of your winter gear is removed, go ahead and add in your spring wardrobe.

Flip Flops.jpg


Sleds, ice skates, snow fort building blocks, and any other winter gear can be stored. Be sure to edit just like you did in your closet. Anything that is broken, no longer fits your children, or simply was not used can be set aside to donate. One of our beliefs is, “if you no longer love it or need it, someone else will!” This makes room for summer toys and crafts that will frequently be used during school break.


Outdoor Furniture

This is an area that doesn’t really need a swap. Consider this category to be spring cleaning. Walk around your home and garage and collect any snow shovels, the snow blower, or any other winter equipment and store them in a shed or a designated home in the garage. Bring out the grill, the patio furniture, the cushions, and umbrellas and clean them off.


By now you should have some items you would like to donate. Below is a list of donation resources available for those in Cecil County and Delaware.

Clothes - Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity takes clothing and other household items. The best part is they will even pick up your donations. Use this link to schedule your free pick up.

For those in Cecil County - Wayfarer’s House for Women & Children

Wayfarers’ House (Women’s and Children’s Shelter) provides emergency/transitional residential shelter services for women and women with children who are experiencing a period of homelessness in their lives. This is a great place to donate gently used clothing and unused personal care items. Please be sure to reach out to Gladys Lacy for donation items.

Toys & Sporting Goods - Green Drop Donations

Green Drop is another great option for items such as ice skates, board games and stuffed animals. You can find a list of acceptable items here. Their website makes it quick and easy to schedule a pick up as well.

We are always looking to add charities and other organizations to our list of places to donate. If you have any suggestions please be sure to leave a comment below.