Are you always late leaving the house? Here are my 5 secrets to getting out the door on time with 0 stress.

If you are anything like me, you LOVE your sleep. So much so that you wait till the last possible second to emerge from your cozy sheets to get ready for the day. I like to think of my ability to get ready in about 8-10 minutes to be a super power… but really I just know how to prep. If you struggle to get out of the door on time I have just what you need. Read on to learn my secrets on how to avoid the worry, the hurry, and the stress.

  1. Prep the Night before. Mommas, this is especially important for you. Pack lunches and pick out clothes the night before. Get the kids to help. They love being included. Give them two outfits to choose from and remind them that this is what they will put on in the morning.

  2. Keep your Bag and Keys in the Same Place, ALWAYS. It takes 21 days to form a habit. Start by placing your essentials in the same spot each day when you return from work. A simple hook by the front door will do. This way you can grab what you need while walking out of the house and you never have to hunt for the car keys again.

  3. Create a Family Command Center.  Do yourself a favor and go to Pinterest and type in “Command Center” This will give you the inspiration to customize one to fit you and your families needs. Include a spot to hang your keys, jackets, bags, and some type of bins for the mail.

  4. Trick Yourself to Being on Time. Set each appointment in your phone calendar for 10-15 minutes BEFORE the actual meeting. This means no rushing, no speeding, and no big deal if you miss a turn. BONUS: if you use google calendar and enter the address of your destination the appointment reminder will give you real time traffic updates.

  5. Create a Breakfast Station. Designate a cabinet or drawer near the toaster. Put inside any cereals, breads, pop tarts, and spreads that don’t need refrigeration. It makes morning breakfast preparation so much simpler. Not only will this help older children learn where to find their morning meals, but it also is an easy way to see if an item is getting low and needs to be restocked since it is all in one place.

If you implement these steps in your home tell me how they are working for you! Do you have any other tips on getting out of the door on time? Let me know below!

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