Why I Became a Pro Organizer

Pretty sure growing up I never thought… I’m going to be a Professional Organizer. Now, an opera singer, stunt driver, and wedding planner were definitely ones that made the list of professions.

My mom tells me all the time I was born to organize. Probably because when I was a child I would spend hours setting up all of my Barbie doll accessories. I had a huge tote filled with clothes, shoes, and furniture for Barbie. I wanted nothing more than to line the shoes up row by row and hang all the clothes in the dream closet. Color coded of course!

While I have always had a love for labels, sorting, and in general organizing “all the things”, becoming a professional organizer was never on my radar.

Going into college I was a bit clueless. I fully intended to get my degree in something general like accounting or business, find an office job that had opportunity for growth, and of course climb the corporate ladder. Why? Because isn’t that what you are supposed to do?

So that’s what I did. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. I got a 9 to 5 office job. Went back to school to get my MBA and boom - life didn’t change. I thought earning my degrees would give me all of these open doors to take on new projects at work and more responsibility. No one tells you climbing that ladder takes years… and that was just not for me.

I quickly became overwhelmed by the idea that I was planning to work for someone else for practically my whole adult life, doing something I hated, at that. I might sound a little dramatic, but my idea of living this one and only life was not going to be spent staring at a computer screen, making coffee, and ordering office supplies on the daily.

So I decided I needed to make a change. I started asking myself… What am I good at? What would get me jumping out of bed each morning excited to start the day? What do I never get tired of doing?

You guessed it! The answer was and is ORGANIZING (light bulb moment)

That is how Arranged by Amber came to be. Out of my deep desire to not only spend my time doing something I really love, but also getting to do something that helps others.

I get to hang out with amazing women, and organize their stuff. Hello dream job! My clients are the reason this work is so rewarding. Seeing their reaction to a space in their home after I have had my hands on it brings me so much happiness!

So if you are new here welcome! I’m excited for this new journey and to share it all with you!