Do You Need A virtual Assistant? ... YES!

Admit it… no entrepreneur is a Superhero!

Are you a busy business owner trying to do all the things? Do you wish that you could clone yourself or that there could be more hours in a day?

Enter outsourcing! Hiring a Virtual Assistant allows you to subcontract the time-consuming tasks that end up being pushed to the bottom of your to-do list, so you can focus on what’s most important! 

Whether it is inbox management, social media assistance, or book keeping there is someone out there that can help.


Here are a few ways hiring a virtual assistant can help you and your business:

  1. Save Time

    Time is our most precious resource! ESPECIALLY as a business owner trying to wear all the hats. So how good would it be to have more of it to focus on growing your business, doing things you love and maybe even being able to take some much deserved time off? By delegating time-draining tasks and projects, you are literally gaining hours back in your schedule. That is time you can use to work on more important things or take a load off (for once).

  2. Cut Costs

    As a business owner, hiring staff isn’t always viable. Employees come with costs such as time off, insurance, payroll taxes, and benefits. When hiring a VA it works the same way as hiring a contractor. Most VA’s charge an hourly rate for their services. Not only does this allow you to only enlist their help on a need-to-need basis, but it reduces ongoing costs that are associated with hiring permanent staff.

  3. Only Do What You LOVE

    Here’s the thing… I’m willing to bet the reason you started your business was NOT so you could respond to hundreds of emails, lose your mind during tax season, or break out into a stress rash anytime you have to deal with an IT issue. You started a business because you have a LOVE and a PASSION for something . The not so fun part about a being a business owner is the actual business side of things. (You didn’t sign up for that part) Here is the good news. You can outsource all the things you 1. Don’t like to do and 2. Don’t know, and don’t want to learn how to do. There is a VA out there who actually loves those task. I promise!

If you are busy boss babe struggling to do it all and often become overwhelmed with your endless list of tasks, hiring a VA is your solution. They are a cost-effective way to get things done, reduce stress and gain back your precious time. Check out the list of VA services we offer and contact us for your free consultation.